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Organizations are continually rethinking how to best leverage space and technology to enable their workforce to collaborate. Today’s knowledge workers and students expect to be able to work together in small groups, participate in conference calls, connect via video chat, and share content from their laptop, tablet, or phone. These modern workforce expectations remain the same for both local and offsite employees.

Along with the rising demand for collaboration comes the need for properly-designed and equipped meeting spaces. Businesses seek technology solutions to help them meet the demand while also making efficient use of their available floorspace. In addition to updating existing conference rooms and boardrooms, technology can be used to transform unused office areas into open meeting spaces and huddle rooms. Options like these enable more productive meetings and provide areas that are frequently used by groups for quick meetings and project collaboration.

Keys to Successful Collaboration Systems

Smartthing collaboration technology supports the modern workspace by creating meeting rooms that are easy to use, schedule, and manage remotely. In addition, we have the system design experience, customer support, and enterprise software solutions to help ensure your success. Whether designing a large conference room, a training room, or smaller huddle spaces, it’s critical to provide the right communication and collaboration technology to simplify and enhance meetings.

A successful collaboration technology plan should support these key capabilities:

  • Scalable Solutions – The technology solution must be customizable to meet the needs of various collaboration spaces from the smallest and simplest to larger and more complex.
  • Intuitive Operation – Users must be able to enter the space and get going immediately without any training on the system.
  • Flexible Capabilities – Users should be able to easily share the content from their laptops, tablets or phones with a wired or wireless connection.
  • Secure Network Connectivity – To support scalability to dozens or hundreds of rooms in the enterprise, systems must be network connected to provide remote support, monitoring and firmware updates.

Powerful management tools

The easiest to use solutions and devices for your hybrid workspace.

With ultra-sustainable ePaper displays with five user-friendly solution for efficient and pleasant end-to-end workplace management. Start managing your hybrid workplace in minutes

Room solution: Display, simplify and automate meeting room booking.

Desk solution: Track employee presence, integrate safety measures and booking desk.

Visitor solution: Automatically allow or advise against entry based on a health questionnaire.

Home solution: Eliminate interruptions when working from home.

Sign solution: Show custom content such as corporate information and wayfinding.

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