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3 Top Coronavirus Stocks to Buy Right Now The Motley Fool

what stocks to invest in during coronavirus

However, with some deceleration in growth, the stock has corrected to levels around $26.50. I believe this is a good opportunity to accumulate shares, especially as delta variant infections increase. No doubt this was a blow to Pfizer, but in my view, the company’s prospects remain more or less intact. The FDA might opt to put more restrictions on the drug, but Pfizer can count on its coronavirus vaccine to make up some of the revenue it would lose as a result.

what stocks to invest in during coronavirus

Retail investors looking to grow their money during the current market can mitigate risk by focusing on funds. More specifically, look towards either mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Buy industry-specific funds if you would like to bet on that sector’s success.

Best Travel Insurance Companies

Zoom had only risen to about $150 per share by then, so you’d have about $2,150 by now. That might have helped prevent people from overreacting, Henry says. With all the noise of market volatility, It can be tempting to try to wait out for a “best” time when the market has steadied and is on a consistent upward trajectory. renewable energy stocks Though it might not seem like it, that inertia can be a mistake in and of itself. Indeed, the stock has more than tripled so far this year as everyone got onboard that train. Shares had mostly treaded water for a couple years prior, despite the fact that the appeal of DocuSign’s offerings had been growing for years.

  • This is bullish for Nautilus from a medium- to long-term perspective.
  • In addition to the dividend, analysts expect to see the shares trading at $60.45 one year from now, about 12% above current levels.
  • Working with an adviser may come with potential downsides such as payment of fees (which will reduce returns).
  • U.S. customers were even able to have their stimulus checks directly deposited to their Venmo account.
  • Additionally, its 2020 revenue of $82.6 billion slightly beat out 2019’s tally.

For example the emphasis of seasonal products was reintroduced once it became clear that it brought customers back to the website to check out what’s new. In 2020 e-commerce doubled to $2 billion and by the third quarter of 2021 roughly one third of total sales were online. Abbott (ABT -1.92%) made $1.9 billion in the third quarter from sales of its COVID-19 testing products. The company expects to generate between $1 billion and $1.4 billion from its COVID-19 tests in the fourth quarter. It’s a pretty safe bet that sales total will increase as the omicron variant spreads over the coming months.

Despite easing restrictions, COVID is going to be around a lot longer than many think.

The invitation to join the Operation Warp Speed further suggests that Moderna can work well with US government—a critical factor in a politically sensitive industry. Finally, big winners used the pandemic as an opportunity to move forward an agenda that has staying power. Their vaccine strategy proved that mRNA treatments work, essentially offering a platform for new kinds of treatment.

We saw a spike in the use of telehealth services during the initial COVID-19 waves in 2020. The trend lit a fire beneath Teladoc Health’s (TDOC 0.13%) shares. The company’s medical device sales fell quite a bit in 2020 with many healthcare providers bracing for a COVID-19 surge. It’s possible that Abbott could experience some pain with the rise of the omicron variant.

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An AI-driven Bing can provide more-comprehensive answers via search, while also allowing users to remain on the same page to get those answers. No publicly traded company is more synonymous with AI than Nvidia (NVDA 0.08%). The company’s A100 and H100 AI-inspired graphics processing units (GPUs) are the cornerstone of most high-compute data centers that require ultra-fast processing speeds.

  • These companies still hold government contracts for the delivery of doses, but the environment is transitioning.
  • In this session, Investopedia’s Editor-in-Chief Caleb Silver spoke with Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
  • In preventing the worrisome delta strain, data from the U.K., Scotland, and Canada all showed the drug offered at least 79% protection.
  • But there are some companies that have seen growth in the time of COVID, and some have gone on to create fortunes for their investors.

It can result in stores reducing prices, and thus margins, in order to clear space and get rid of costs related to holding inventory. In Home Depot’s case, however, the company has done a good job of moving inventory. As of July 30, it reported merchandise inventories of $23.3 billion, which was 11% lower than the $26.1 billion it reported a year ago. I spent the last few years watching the individual stocks I bought rise and fall. I didn’t sell any of these stocks when they were high or low.

Home Depot is an underrated retail stock that can provide stability even during tough economic times.

Copper is among those metals not able to keep up with the soaring demand from e-vehicles and renewable energy technology. As a recent IMF study points out, copper is under-supplied by over 40% in a net-zero scenario. As people spent more time at home, Etsy benefited from a wider desire to redecorate. Even though e-commerce growth might slow down in 2022, big trends in online shopping work in Etsy’s favour.

what stocks to invest in during coronavirus

DocuSign (DOCU, $236.77) was one of the most straightforward beneficiaries of the coronavirus pandemic, and for obvious reason. DocuSign facilitates digital signatures at a time when everyone is being forced to work remotely. Its chips power servers that need parallel processing for intensive processes including artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous automotive applications and data science. Graphics card specialist Nvidia (NVDA, $566.40) has enjoyed many of the same coronavirus pandemic “benefits” as rival AMD.

But they clearly see Microsoft in an overwhelmingly positive light – 33 of 35 pros covering the stock consider it a Buy. “Microsoft is one of the few companies showing continued momentum in the face of COVID-19 disruptions,” writes Argus Research’s Joseph Bonner (Buy). “CEO Satya Nadella has pivoted Microsoft toward high-value commercial and cloud application businesses, just the right product set as enterprises rapidly move to the cloud and remote connectivity.”

Real Estate Investing Is Down But Not Out – Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

Real Estate Investing Is Down But Not Out.

Posted: Sun, 03 Sep 2023 12:30:51 GMT [source]

We’ve listed Home Depot among several housing market stocks to buy, and analysts remain in the Buy camp too. Twenty-one analysts call it a Buy or Strong Buy, versus 11 Holds and one Strong Sell. Simply put, homebuilding and home-improvement projects should stick around for even longer, justifying their continued presence among coronavirus stocks to buy. Like Zoom, Teladoc Health (TDOC 0.13%) is benefiting from the shift toward cloud-based video communications.

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